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Colwyn Bay Home Design
Innovative, unique, practical design solution

Calgary and area drafting services

Image © Brookfield Residential. Used with permission

‘… Axio on 12th bringing a modern, upbeat look to the community’

Barr, L 2012, ‘Modern style shines at the inner-city Axio’, Calgary Sun Homes Extra, 1 Sept, p. 12

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Calgary inner city semi-detached infill.

Colwyn Bay Home Design was contracted by Brookfield Residential of Calgary to

collaborate on the design of their “Axio on 12th”  infill project. The major design

parameter for this project was compliance with the “Contextual Semi-Detached

Dwelling” rules in the City of Calgary’s Land Use Bylaw. In doing so the Development

Permit approval process was streamlined with permits being issued approximately

three weeks after initial application.